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A Bouncer's duties are to provide security, to check legal age and drinking age, to refuse entry for intoxicated persons, and to deal with aggressive behaviour or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules.

The Bouncers are tasked with protecting one certain individual or a small group from any physical harm.

They are tasked with guarding a venue and the main duties are face control, general peace keeping or protecting certain individual or a small group of people.

Our Bouncers are trained to handle any situation that can arise. mostly being crowd control and general management during the visit of a celebrity or a VVIP.

We provide trained, educate bouncers all around India.

Hire our Bouncers and for :

  • Private Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Parties and celebrations

  • Nightclub security/ bouncers

  • Pubs

  • Bars

Choose from a broad range of bouncers.